Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Learning in Plain English

Where can you find the simplest explanations of some of the most difficult social media concepts? The CommonCraft Show, of course! I show a CommonCraft video at the beginning of my class each week; so far, we have seen the videos on Social Media and Blogging. They explain these concepts in "plain English", which is very handy for a class mixed with American and International students! I think our only request might be for Lee to speak just a little more slowly. :)

These videos provide us entertainment as well as basic information to get us started with our social media lessons. I like the way they take out all the "techno-babble" and use every-day language, along with simple images, to help the un-initiated understand the new world. I also like the fact that they can be found translated through dotsub!
We plan to watch RSS in Plain English this upcoming class period. Now that the students have been blogging (for one week!), it will make more sense.


Nicoletta said...

I think that the Commoncraft Show is a really useful tool. Very often, people from IT world (as me) are unable to explain in simple words the main concepts of internet, so that our language represents a barrier between us and our customers
Thank you, Becky1

Becky Carroll said...

You are welcome, Nicoletta! yes, it is a valuable tool. I hope to share many more such tools here on this blog.