Monday, July 21, 2008

To the Students

Every now and then, I will have a blog entry geared to the students in my class. This is one of those!


Please continue posting to your blogs, as well as linking to and commenting on each other's blogs. I would also like to see links to blogs that are similar to yours. The best way to link is to write a post, then refer to someone else's blog in your post. Be sure to include the address of the blog post you are referring to in your post link! You can also add blogs to your blogroll/blog list.

Remember, in social media, participation and conversation are key!

Textbook Reading

You should be working your way through Groundswell, with a goal of reading through at least Chapter 7, Energizing the Groundswell, by class this week.

Midterm Exam

The midterm will be next Wednesday, July 30! It will be a few multiple-choice questions, but most of it will be a written response. You will be getting a case study to read and work through, targeted at what you would recommend for this company.


I have been trying to figure out the best way to get you slides, and I am still working on it (the file sizes are huge). Blackboard is probably it, and I am trying to get them up there. I will have something for you this week so you can review for the midterm!
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Jo said...

I am watching your blog with interest. Slideshare might be a good place to leave files.

Becky Carroll said...

Thanks, Jo. That is probably the way I will end up going!

Stephanie said...

I'm a big fan of Slideshare and thinks it's great that you're using it to share presentations with your students; in fact, what I love most about Slideshare is that you can embed the presentations directly into your blog or students can download them to their desktop. Plus, your presentations can easily be added to multiple social bookmarking sites. Ah, the beauty of social media. :]

Hope you're doing well,

Becky Carroll said...

Thanks for your comment, Stephanie. I have not really played around with Slideshare much but am learning the ins and outs!

Claudia said...

Thanks for uploading the slides, Becky! I just have one suggestion: For me it would be easier to study the content if I can print it out. I think it is not possible, is it?

See you in class, Claudia